UDS blockset

A Simulink Blockset to add diagnostics services to your models. Enabling you to  generate production code directly from your Simulink model.

  • You can add diagnostics trouble codes (DTCs) to be triggered from your model.

  • Complex routine control functions can be modelled and managed from within the Simulink environment.

  • You can drop a read/write by identifier block on any Simulink signal. This enables you to see and control your entire model over dignostics.

  • Security access blocks enable you to choose what is allowed at the different security levels.

  • Tester present is fully managed, so you do not have to worry about this at all.

  • Comes with many examples to get you going fast. Copy and paste them into your models to gives you UDS in your ECU.

  • You can be well supported throughout your project, we can provide support, training and integration services. Whatever you need to be successful, on time and error free.

Contact us for a live web-demo to see how you can use the UDS Blockset in your model to create production code.

In summary the UDS Blockset empowers you to do easy and efficient development of Unified Diagnostics Services, ISO 14229, within the model based development environment.

UDS Blockset

For more details on how this blockset could speed your next ECU development please contact us.

A complete list of the services supported are given here.

Here is a list of some projects that have benefited from our Simulink UDS Blockset, complete with the processors and compilers used.

A case-study of a telematics ECU development using the UDS Blockset.

A case-study of a battery fan controller delivered faster than ever incorporating the UDS Blockset.

mathworks As seen on the
Mathworks website


Contact us to arrange a live-web demo where we can walk you around a real production model. It will give you the information you need to decide if the UDS Blockset can help your project.


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