Embedded GUIs

At Embed we are the brains and the brawn behind Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs).

We take your designs and bring them to life. Programming the low-level drivers, the network connections, interfacing to the screens, the touch panels and sound drivers. We make sure your designs are displayed perfectly, run smoothly and animate glitch-free.

User Display System

(instrument cluster, infotainment unit, combination oven)

For simple LCD panels to manage in-car climate control systems or household goods like combination ovens we have cost optimised solutions. For example using Embedded Wizard from Tara Systems  we deliver the user interface for Panasonic combination ovens.

For infotainment and instrument cluster solutions we create Automotive Android builds with specialised drivers to access the hardware. Connecting the GUI to the rest of the vehicle over CAN and Ethernet.

The example screen in the graphic at the top of the page is from the user interface from Conjure for the  Aura concept vehicle. Here Embed completed the low level code to connect the beautiful user interface to the vehicle network. We developed the touch interface drivers to enable the user to drive the screen. We also integrated the Wi-Fi chip to system enabling in-car connectivity.