EV Systems

Together, Embed and Cascadia, help SMEs and Niche Vehicle manufacturers in the UK & Europe launch their Electric Vehicle prototypes and scale to low and medium volume production.

When a project becomes more successful and hits higher volumes we provide a simple path to expand supply and support through Cascadia Motion’s parent company BorgWarner.

Embed can quickly create an electric version of your vehicle using the Cascadia Motion products and our integration services. Providing you with a fast and production-ready scalable solution that you can take to market very quickly as all the components are off-the-shelf.


The NEW CM200 from Cascadia succeeds the very popular PM series. Just small and lighter and available now.


The SS-250-115 is a powerful, durable and rugged electric motor/generator with integral sump, mechanical oil pump and heat exchanger for use in on- and off-road highway vehicles, power generation and other special high power applications.

The HVH250 Series motors come in various stack length, cooling and winding configurations. They are available as fully housed motors or as rotor/stator assemblies. The HVH250 is a powerful, durable and rugged electric motor/generator for use in on- and off-highway vehicles, power generation and other special high power demand applications.

Integrated Modules

Built using the CM200 inverter and HVH250 motor core, this integrated module packs a 500Nm punch within a compact package. It’s loaded with integrated features like an oil pump, oil cooler, oil sump and water pump.

DCDC Converters & On Board Chargers

The Combo Unit combines the functionality of an on-board charger (OBC) with that of a DC/DC converter. This allows the vehicle battery to be charged from an AC building/grid power source at a 6.6kW rate and the DC/DC portion provides a 14V output converted at up to a 1.2kW nominal (1.4kW max) rate from the high voltage battery. This keeps the vehicle’s low-voltage battery charged. The Combo Unit is water cooled by the vehicle’s coolant loop.

A DC/DC Converter is available separately for those customers who do not need an OBC (charger) solution. This unit is air cooled and has a 14V output at a 1.8kW nominal rate (2.0kW max).

Both the Combo Unit and the DC/DC Converter are available in standard voltage (~400Vdc) and high voltage (~800Vdc) versions.

Batteries & Battery Management Systems

Cascadia Motion’s small-format battery modules are favored by compact or complex in-vehicle packaging situations. It’s been designed with modularity in mind, allowing our customers to configure and build their own packs in a flexible way. While supporting an awesome punch of 25kW per module (15C rate), the product also gives respectable energy density for EV range. The integrated BMS is fully user-configurable and comes standard with datalogging functions.