OmniBooter Launch Event, 10th March 2022

OmniBooter Launch Event, 10th March 2022

OmniBooter is an off-the-shelf automotive UDS Bootloader by Embed Limited. It is easy to configure and customise for your project using OmniBooter Configure. It supports a large range of evalution boards and maps a clear route from your first prototype, through to A & B samples all the way to Production. Flashing is also supported with our simple and low cost tool, OmniBooter Flash, giving as many engineers, customers and technicians as you need the power to reflash your ECUs.


  • Easy to use UDS Bootloader that you can configure
  • Get going faster, de-risking your projects from the very start
  • Secure and Flexible, supporting many microcontrollers
  • Small and powerful, deployable on even the smallest ECUs
  • Very cost effective


10th March 2022 at the Advanced Propulsion Centre, Coventry, UK.

Starting at 9am and running all day with the following sessions:-

  • STMicroelectronics AutoDevKit Seminar and Hands-On Workshop
    • Free STMicro Eval Board
  • OmniBooter Launch Seminar and Hands-On Workshop
    • Free OmniBooter UDS Bootloader and Flashing Tool
  • Free Lunch and Networking
  • Model based development with Embed Target-Package in Simulink
  • Motor Control with STMicroelectronics AutoDevKit


Supported by STMicroelectronics

All attendees recieve a free STMicroelectronics Eval Board and OmniBooter UDS Bootloader and UDS Flashing Tool.