ISO-26262: Developing Safety Critical Systems

Now ISO-26262 is becoming more mature absolutely all your automotive development projects should follow it, at least at the start. You should start with a hazard analysis and risk assessment, we do.

Hopefully you will prove the system you are working on doesn’t need any safety measures. In this case you have a QM project and you can follow the usual quality management process, perhaps Automotive SPICE. You have proven you do not need ISO-26262 safety measures.

Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment in more detail

If you do have a project with hazards and risks which need managing you must give it an ASIL rating and get out the ISO-26262 standard. The table below shows the ratings and how they are defined.

ISO-26262 ASIL table

ASIL Ratings and Definition Table

Following the ISO-26262 process requires rigour and control. The standard is very well written and prescriptive. You calculate the risk, apply the controls and you will end up with a system which is proven to be as safe as required.

We have developed a model based process that we know can manage the safety requirements. We use SysML and carry out requirements modelling. This flows into a Simulink model. Simulink has an IEC Certification Kit for ISO-26262, making sure our code can be qualified. At the source code level we use the VectorCAST tools to prove our systems meet the safety requirements.

If you have a system that needs to be developed safely please call. We have done ISO-26262 projects. We can manage the risks and together we can develop a system you can be confident in.