Systems Engineering with SysML

Systems Engineering with SysML is powerful. It helps you identify and manage all the requirements. It uses a formal language, a model, which removes ambiguity. So you know precisely what you are developing and you know exactly how to test it. 

Embed offer systems design services using SysML. We know SysML modelling produces a better system at a better price in a better timescale. Get in touch using the form on the left to get our help.

As you develop the model and link the different blocks together, you create traceable links. By modelling the requirements, defining tests for the requirements and linking them back to use-cases you create a fully traceable design. Consequently you are in control. You know how a change will impact your system. You will understand how to fully implement the change. Most importantly you know what needs testing again once the change is complete. (Co-incidentally you are also meeting Automotive SPICE Level 3 and are well on the way to being able to deliver a safety critical system to ISO-26262)

If you want to have this level of understanding and control of your systems get in touch. Fill out the callback form on the left, or phone us on +44 2476 323250.

We love SysML so much we have modelled our complete Quality Management System (QMS). Here is a snippet of the model showing a use-case diagram of the the system decomposition phase of the project.




This has helped us better understand our system. It has made it easier to explain it, clearly and unambiguously, to everyone in Embed. It also makes sure everyone is a SysML modeller and we can all communicate clearly with our clients.

We worked closely with Scarecrow Consultants on our process. They are the folks who have written the IEE manual on System Engineering with SysML. The book is called SysML for Systems Engineering, 2nd Edition: A Model-Based Approach.

By the way, whenever we create a proposal for a client we make a SysML model. It helps us clearly understand what you want. Then we give the model to you, so you know what we think you want. It starts us all out with a clear picture of the product. This is the power of SysML.