Stay Safe and Healthy

We are working from our office and laboratories only when necessary and always in a manner to ensure the recommended healthy personal separation.

We are making changes in how we work to make sure we all keep safe from the Covid-19 virus.

At Embed we are taking hygiene very seriously. Rigorously washing our hands before we start work and at intervals throughout the day and at the end of each day before we go home. The office is getting thoroughly cleaned; disinfecting all high contact surfaces regularly, like door handles, work areas and the all important kettle and teapot.

As well as healthy bodies we are also looking out for each other mentally. Lots of video and web conferences to keep those personal relationships strong. The daily chats are important to keep the spirits up and remind everyone we are in this together.

If you have a project with us at the moment you will be pleased to know that we are still working, progressing current projects. We are also available to start new projects too.

If you want to talk to us, fantastic. We can video conference immediately. We are available by phone and email too. We cannot pretend that this situation is ideal. We do prefer to work face to face with people, making that all important personal connection. However, like all challenges together we will beat this.

Look after yourself and those around you, from all of us at Embed, keep safe and healthy.